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Round 7: A Comedy Special

Hosted by: David McSweeney

April 29th 2024

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Joanne Heffernan

Joanne Heffernan is a producer, writer and comedian from Wexford and based in Cork. She has been funded by the Arts Council and Screen Ireland for her writing work, as well as Screen Wexford and Clones Film Festival to produce short films. She has produced comedy theatre for the Scene and Heard Festival of New Work and performs stand up comedy regularly on the Cork scene.



Taylor-Lee Keating_edited.jpg

Taylor-Lee Keating

Taylor is an artist from Cork & has recently found her feet in comedy and acting. 

After pursuing a career in Irish dancing for 20 years she decided to follow her dream as an actor.  She accidentally found herself in comedy along the way. 

Posting Comedy sketches online gave her the courage to pursue her career in acting that will be debuting this year.  

It’s only the beginning for Taylor and she hopes to keep entertaining in years to come.



Daniel Lukas_edited.jpg

Daniel Lukas

Daniel Lukas is a German comedian making waves in the Irish and UK comedy scenes.
He discovered his love for comedy during the pandemic, when he began creating satirical skits on TikTok that quickly went viral and gained a large following.
After the success of his TikTok videos, Daniel broke into the Irish stand-up comedy scene, quickly establishing himself as a rising star by making it to the finals of every new talent competition in the country. He is now a resident comedian at Cork City's CoCo Comedy Club, where he has opened for notable acts like Killian Sunderman and Chris Kent.
In addition to his stand-up performances, Daniel has also gained recognition for his satirical live show, "Immigrants Ruin this Country LIVE", which lampoons the growing anti-immigrant sentiment in Ireland.  Daniel's work has been positively mentioned in a number of publications, including CorkBeo, DublinInquirer, and Irish TV channel TG4.



Round 7 - Apr 24
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