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Round 6: A Cork Migrant Filmmakers Special

Hosted by: Benjamin Rupprecht

March 24th 2024

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Layan Anabtawi

Layan is a Palestinian filmmaker interested in how we experience cinema. Her work explores our inherent connections between memory, dreams, and constructed images. As she completes her master's in Interactive Media at University College Cork, she hopes to expand on what cinema can be in the digitally volatile future



Mathias Levy Valensi

Mathias is a composer and orchestrator from France currently based in Cork. Following a 1st Class BMus Degree from Cork School of Music, he immediately got into the world of film scoring by becoming the assistant of renowned Irish film composer Anna Rice. After falling in love with music of the likes of John Williams, Thomas Newman and Hans Zimmer as a teenager, film music was nothing but a logical next step for Mathias. Having scored a number of short films throughout his blossoming career, he loves collaborating with a wide array of people from different backgrounds, to help compliment these stories through the medium of music.




Julie Pourlavie


Julie Pourlavie was born in Ukraine, Khmelnytskyi city. Filming started to be

her passion since university. Without even knowing about the existence of such jobs as director and screenwriter, as it was a feeling that in Ukraine it was something inaccessible, unreal and in general impossible to achieve. So without studying it she simply started to film as she felt.

Later, when she was 20, she moved to Poland (Lodz city), having experience in

various fields, and despite all the jobs, photos and videos were an integral part

of her soul.


When the war in Ukraine started, Julie moved to Ireland, Cork city. At the moment, she has been here for 2 years and one of them she has worked

as a full-time artist. The first year was an adaptation one, after which she asked herself the question "What is your passion?", and then others. That’s how she attracted the most dedicated artists to herself.

As Julie Pourlavie always says "I’m here to make people feel and to heal them

with my art" which always will be the goal.


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Ruben Tapia 

Sadly absent due to sickness


Ruben Tapia is a filmmaker from Mexico, based in Cork Ireland for the last 4 years.

He holds a degree in Audiovisual Media Production from Autonomous University of Baja California and a Master’s degree in Film and Screen Media from University College Cork.


For the last 10 years, he has been collaborating and working in different areas such as Assistant Production for Find a Story Entertainment, TV Assistant Production for a Local Art , Production Assistant for a Broadcast TV Channel called Televisa from Mexico.


In 2016 he started exploring the art of camera work for the local government performing as a filmmaker until 2019 where he worked as well for the Drugs Traffic Department for the police in Mexico.


From 2020 until 2023, in Cork, Ireland, he collaborated with some local productions (Epic Films and Twistedcork Vision and GrowPro Experience) working alongside in corporate, institutional , travel  and music videos.


In 2022 after finishing his master;s degree, he started working with University College Cork in the Audiovisual Media Department creating educational and Institutional video content for UCC having the opportunity to portray the President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins and the actor Jared Harris among others as the Taoiseach of Ireland.


In December  2023 his first collaboration happened for a feature film with Morgan Bros in Galway performing as a Runner for the Camera Crew where he learned the dynamics and workflow of a large scale crew on set.


At the moment he is exploring tech tools such as Unreal Engine and Real Time Rendering that are applied in Virtual Production.



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