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San Claus

Having taken over her father's business, San’s job as the new Santa Claus takes a toll on her. People’s attitudes towards her aren't what were expected, and life as Santa proves more and more difficult.



San Claus - Naoise McGuinness

Child - Jack McNamara

Angry Houseowner - Kieran O'Driscoll

Radio Voice - Mark O'Donoghue  

Pedestrian - Katie Stanley 

Elf 237 - Nicole DeLarge

Elf 452 - Ellie O'Connor

Elf 391 - Martha Mourouzidi 



Produced by

Benjamin Rupprecht 


Director and Cinematography

Nicole DeLarge


Written by

Benjamin Rupprecht and Martha Mourouzidi


Assistant Director & Sound

Martha Mourouzidi


Art Design 

Nicole DeLarge

Benjamin Rupprecht

Jade Segrillo


Edit and Colour Grading

Nicole Delarge 



The Love Buzz



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