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Round 2: A Horror Special

Hosted by: Jade Segrillo

November 20th 2023



BJORNISM is a visual artist, art director and filmmaker flying through the cosmos of technicolour surrealism and braindead art house.



Sean Breathnach

Seán's debut feature film: "Beyond the Woods" picked up awards for Best Feature Film in London and Montreal. The film was Empire Magazine's DTV must see in June 2018 and was nominated for the National Film Awards in London in 2019. 

Seán has had TV series optioned by production companies in the UK, and his latest TV series "Seminary Lane" is in development with production partners in the UK and Ireland.

Seán has a deep love of film, and his short films have picked up awards nationally and internationally. His work has been showcased in the Irish embassy in London as an example of contemporary Irish film making. He has served on juries and industry panels at international film festivals. He is a founder member of Egomotion, a group set up to encourage film-making collaboration and networking in Ireland. He channels his passion for horror through the popular YouTube channel, and he has written books on horror filmmaking which are available globally. He enjoys damn fine coffee and good conversation.




Benjamin Burns

Benjamin Burns is an interdisciplinary artist and poet from Sligo, who is based in Cork City. His work often engages with the more-than-human, reaching out towards or adopting the perspectives of animals, plant life, and physical materials. Benjamin has composed numerous short films, including: Poppy Star (IndieCork, 2020), Pied Wagtail (IndieCork, 2021) The Black Umbrella (Encuentro Internacional de Cineastas, Mexico, 2023), and The Portal (forthcoming at IndieCork, 2023). Benjamin has also worked collaboratively on numerous film and theatre pieces, including with Michelle Delea, Shaunna Lee Lynch, Strive Theatre, Shanna May Breen, and Jools Gilson. Benjamin is co-founder with Maximilian Le Cain of CineSalon, a quarterly experimental film evening at The Guesthouse Project, Cork City. He is also a board member and regular emcee of Ó’Bhéal poetry event. Benjamin has a H. Dip in Montessori Education, and spent five years working as a preschool teacher. He recently completed an M.Phil. in Music and Media Technologies at Trinity College Dublin, and he now works as a technician at the Granary Theatre, UCC.





Shelly Kamiel

Sadly absent due to sickness.

Shelly Kamiel is a filmmaker who has recently relocated to Cork the Big Apple. Her dark, wryly humorous films invite viewers into an intense personal vision that is as unsettling as it is visually enticing. They unfold like shamanic trances with Kamiel as the solitary central figure conjuring visions that dissolve memory, dream and reality into a lyrical, often psychedelic phantasmagoria. For all their kaleidoscopic beauty, they are imbued with a deep fragility and shot through with a haunting current of bewildered melancholy. She is following up a recent short film trilogy made up of Rinse: Repeat (2018), Blood in the Butter (2019) and Supernova Cash Out (2020) with her first feature, Ghost Dust, which is projected for release in 2024.

Kamiel studied film at the film conservatory at SUNY Purchase and has worked in post-production for over a decade in NYC. 



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